Fun & Creativity


Our curriculum at Happy Hearts Preschool is Caps based to ensure that the children are school ready and our teaching style incorporates; Reggio, Montessori and ECD principles and materials. Our unique approach allows for as much one on one time with your child as possible as well as allowing us to work with your child at their individual pace. We focus on improving and developing fine motor skills, language, literacy, numeracy, perceptual skills, problem-solving, creative thinking, social skills, emotional skills and gross motor skills.

Our curriculum consists of various themes that last for 1-2 weeks. Maths, literacy, arts, science, social sciences and technology, are all be presented in fun ways, using the current theme. There is also baking/ cooking, sport, music, gardening and messy/sensory play once a week. Each child will also get a turn once a term to be Mr Baker on a Friday.


In addition to our curriculum, we offer the following activities and events at Happy Hearts Preschool, that the children participate in weekly:






Baking / Mr Baker

Wind toy.png



Messy / Sensory Play


Water Play

We also offer the following extra mural activities and take place on school premises at an additional fee;

- Tumbling Tigers  - Swimming Lessons  - Robotics / Coding  - Dance Classes

We plan various educational, cultural and exciting activities and events at Happy Hearts throughout the year for the children and their parents, such as:

Valentine's Day

Spring Day

Mother's Day

Father's Day


Outings (e.g. Zoo, Firestation)

Shows (e.g. Hooked on Books, Puppet Shows)

Sports Day

Grandparent's Day


Teddy Bear Picnic

Christmas Party with Santa Visit

Annual Concert